I am humbled to say that I got my very first photography job after launching my website, in JUST a month.

I have to say it was an amazing experience and definitely a very smooth one.

Ken was very kind to send me a sample of his product, he was very sure of what he wanted and was pretty clear in explaining it (which made my life so much easier). After sending his the first batch of photos, they chose 5 images, made the payments well in time, and the job was done! As simple as that.

About the product; I think they have a pretty amazing concept of conserving herbs in an UV protected jar. The jar is not only a healthy protection for your herbs, but it also looks pretty darn slick. Almost irresistible. As soon as you see the box and the jar, you feel like grabbing it and want to open and see what is inside. I think it is a very well designed product, and would be appreciated who truly appreciate the importance of being and staying healthy.

Here are the final images done for HERB-GUARD.