1 roll, 2 seasons | Canon 7, Kodak Trix400

Receiving a developed roll of film from the lab is super fun. The anticipation is unparalleled. However, there is another exciting aspect of it that I had totally forgotten.

I remember the days then we would load a roll of film and use it over a period of maybe 6 months! Photography, or “taking snapshots” was not that common 15-20 years ago and every frame was a big deal - either an occasion, celebration, travel or something of significance. Things have obviously changed in the digital world but I was motivated to write and share this today as the same feeling of receiving images taken over a period of around 5 months sparked again today.

I had loaded a roll of Kodak Trix400 in my Canon 7 (click here to read more about the camera) with a Voigtlander 35mm F2.5 LTM. I have to admit that I had planned to only take high contrast images on this roll - mainly metering for the highlights and just play with that concept a bit. However, when you have limited options in certain scenarios, one tends to get strayed. I guess i’ll have to work on that more.

Anyway, I started the roll in January I think and got it back in May - so there’s a transition from snow - to melting ice to spring - all in a single roll. Now this might not seem a very big deal, in facts its not a big deal at all, but it made me happy :) so that’s what matters right now.

Sharing totally un-edited files that I just received a couple of minutes ago. There are a few wasted shots that got taken by mistake, but still in there. Not including photos of my family here.