Snowy Sunny Day | Hasselblad 500CM

Today is snowed in the morning and the skies cleared in the afternoon. Though it was windy and chilly, the sun was out and it felt good, so I went ahead and finished off the FP100C pack.

Also loaded a Portra 160 and shot 11 frames. Still have one more to go. It was a really really refreshing experience using a medium format camera on a tripod, metering every shot and almost taking 15-20 minutes framing each shot. I am quite surprised that I couldn’t even finished a whole roll!

Sharing the scans of the 10 shots of FP100C I shot yesterday and today. Even though the shots are mediocre in my opinion, I’m pretty satisfied as i’ve learned pretty big lessons through this process. Although these might be facts which could’ve been searched and read up easily on the internet, but sometimes learning THROUGH the process is extremely important.

So the last three shots are from today where I took my time and metered the shots for the shadows - as you tend to do with all negative film stocks. Highlights are usually pretty easily pulled back but shadows are weak on negatives, so you always try to save the shadows. We tend to do the opposite on digital though.

Anyway, metering for the shadows was a mistake which I didn’t realise while shooting. I was treating a Polaroid, which is technically in my mind a “positive”, as a negative. Hence, the photos are blown out and overexposed!

This actually makes total sense because I’ve read or heard somewhere that positive film is to be treated the same way - always meter for the highlights or mid tones! I don’t think i’ll ever forget this now :)

So here you go, some failed shots in my journal to keep reminding me to go out and TRY!

Polaroids shot on Hasselblad 500CM.

Other shots #shotoniphone