Day to Night

The summer of 2018 was a really good one in terms of family  and general life. However, there were a few speed bumps that have left a mark, but for the better I guess.

I lost a very precious camera as our canoe capsized while camping. My iPhone obviously got submerged in the lake as well, but I was least worried about it considering its “water resistance”. But to my bad luck, somehow the water made its way in, leaving me phone-less for a few days.

Its funny because my sisters iPhone 6 Plus, which is not even water resistant survived, but mine, a 7 Plus died. Anyway, I didn’t lose hope and tried evry trick in the book until it actually resurrected. A few buttons stopped working but generally the phone was functioning - and still is (to my surprise).

One vital thing however did not revive fully, which is the camera. Everytime I open the app, it dances and wobbles in a weirdly funny way.

All this sounds like misfortune but I see it as a very big (a) lesson and (b) blessing.

Lesson being learnt that one should never canoe either with electronics or without sealing them airtight.

Blessing being that I quit relying on my iPhone camera. Yes, you CAN make great images with mobile phone cameras, but that shouldn’t make one lazy and stop one from carrying a camera because obviously you have more creative control with a camera.  In short, the breaking of my phone camera forces me to carry a camera almost everywhere I go which IS making me shoot more and ‘see’ more. And ultimately making me happier everyday - because thats what making photos is about, at least to me.

The sheer joy of nailing focus, or getting the exposure right or finding a new composition is unparalleled.

Arkh, my stop (train station) is almost here so I’ll have to stop the banter here for today.

Here are some shots from a couple of days ago. It was a pretty cold day, the car was frosted with a layer of ice when I came back at night. Looked very cool. It actually reminded me of a metallic paint I used to choose for cars on Need For Speed :) (the video game).

All shot on the Leica M10 - which I probably wouldn’t have ever got if the other camera didn’t drown in the lake :)

By the way, comment below or shoot me an email about what you think of these random bursts. I feel like this is a more permanent platform to write on compared to social. I might never upload these on Instagram because I think these photo generally look better when put together in a series.

If there is something you want me to talk about, I am open for suggestions.